Rates & Insurance

What are your rates?

  • $160 per session for individual therapy. 

  • $190 per session for couples, family, and marriage counseling.

We  accept all major credit cards, HSA or FSA as forms of payment.

Do you take insurance?

We are an out of network provider, which means that you pay for each session and seek reimbursement from your insurance company, as many give partial or full reimbursement for mental health services. Please check  with your insurance carrier to understand what reimbursement is available under your plan. Your therapist can present you with a monthly invoice, called a superbill, that you ca submit to your insurance company if needed.  

What are the benefits of NOT using insurance?

1. You will NOT have to be diagnosed with a mental health disorder 

In order to have insurance cover the cost of therapy sessions, a mental health diagnosis is required. Even if it is not appropriate, there must be a diagnosis in order for insurance to pay for the services. Many, many people who seek therapy do not meet the criteria for a mental health disorder. It is unethical to diagnose and label a person with a mental health disorder who does not have a mental health disorder! We want you to be able to have access to treatment without having a label and mental health diagnosis on your permanent medical record.

2. Your confidentiality will be protected 

You should be able to be open, grow and change in a safe and honest environment. At the core, therapy can be a vulnerable experience. That's why we fiercely protect your confidentiality and what is in your best interest. When utilizing insurance, there is an increased risk that your confidential medical health record could be disclosed. If your insurance company requires a health care check, it can be disclosed that you have been seeing a therapist. Additionally, if you or a family member ever needs a federal background check, or wants to be a pilot, or for a variety of other reasons, a mental health diagnosis can be disclosed through your insurance company. 

3. Your treatment time is NOT decided by an insurance company 

If insurance is reimbursing for mental health services, they decide the number and frequency of sessions. Perhaps there may be a period of time when you need to attend sessions two times per week, and at other times it may be once per month. When an insurance company is involved, they decide how many sessions they are willing to pay for, often ending treatment before progress has been made or treatment is complete. If you do not utilize your insurance, you can be assured that you will receive clinically appropriate treatment according your unique needs.

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